Party Food

Choice of two:

Cocktail Franks

Chicken Nuggets

Sausage Rolls

Mini Hotdogs

Fruit Platter

Assorted Sandwiches


Choice of one:

Fairy Teacup Biscuits 

marshmallow, sweet biscuit, icing

all designed to look like a teacup


Savoury Toadstools
     cheese, cucumber, cherry tomato, cream cheese 
     all designed to look like miniature toadstools.


Chocolate Crackles

milk chocolate and rice bubbles

with sprinkles themed to your party


Choice of two:

Plain Potato Crisps


Savoury Rice Crackers


Also included:

Fairy Bread


Fruit Juice (Apple, Orange,

Apple Blackcurrant, Apple Mango)

Cordial (Apple Raspberry)


other drinks available upon request


And of course the Birthday Cake




Deluxe Food

Includes all options above

+ $45

Standard Party Food

Included in all Parties

Something Special

Chocolate Dipping platter

Strawberries, bananas, wafer biscuits and lollies to dip in milk chocolate

$2 Per Child


Jelly Cups

Jelly cups themed to

your party

$1 Per Child


Jelly Cups and Icecream

Jelly cups and icecream themed to your party

$1.50 Per Child


Icecream Cake

Upgrade your birthday cake to a Pink, Freddo Frog or Crunchie icecream cake

+ $20

Rainbow Cake

Upgrade your Birthday cake to a layered rainbow cake


For the Parents

Parent Platters

$35 each:


Sweet Parent Platter

Selection of cream and fancy cakes, chocolate biscuits, mini muffins 


Savory Parent Platter

Selection of cheeses, dips with celery and carrot, twiggy sticks, olives, and savoury biscuits


Fruit Parent Platter

Selection of Fruits; melons, apples, berries, seasonally available fruit



Coffee Tab

We are able to set up a coffee tab for your party parents at a discounted $4 per hot drink

Flat white



Long Black


Hot Chocolate


Chai Latte


Food F.A.Q


  • Please inform us of your menu choices as well as any additional food add-ons you would like on or before the Thursday prior to your party.


  • We always try to cater to special dietary requirements. If your child or a guest have any special dietary requirements or allergies please let us know before your party date.


  • We have a no peanut policy at Fairies Forever. Please note while we endeavour to enforce this rule traces of nuts may be found due to the foods manufacturing conditions


  • You are welcome to bring your own food for parents or children. Note that bringing your own food/cake does not affect the price of the party

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