Fairy Garden Making

Join Fairy Sparkle in Merlin's Castle and make a special potted Fairy Garden to take home.

With the help of Fairy Sparkles pick flowers, toadstools and fairy friends to decorate your Fairy Garden. 

Perfect for a small group of friends or a special day out

Watering-can Fairy Garden

Build a mini Fairy garden in a coloured watering-can.

Included is:

Coloured Watering-can

Mini Fairy Home

Special Garden Fairy

a animal fairy friend

Flowers, Toadstools and garden decorations to make the perfect Fairy garden

Flower pot Fairy Garden

Build a Magical Fairy or Unicorn Garden in a flower pot.

Included is:

Fairy Flower pot

Magical Fairies to choice from

A Magical Wishing Well

Fairy Magic Package

Deluxe two-hour Fairy Party with  cupcake decorating or decorating a beautiful wooden butterfly.


  • Cupcake decorating or decorating a beautiful white wooden butterfly

  • Games

  • Prizes

  • Food

  • Birthday Cake

  • Two Fairy Hostesses

  • Trip to the Wishing well

  • Special Gift for the Birthday Girl or Boy

  • A Miniature Fairy for all the guest to go home with

Recommended for

5 to 12 year old's